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Vegan Tastes Better

With an increased awareness of environmental sustainability and regard for personal health, it’s no wonder that plant-based diets are increasingly popular. Recent studies show that 9.6 million people in the US identify as vegans, and even more Americans are reducing their consumption of meat and animal products. More and more people are demanding delicious vegan alternatives to their favorite foods, and Sweet Rain Vegan Bake Shop is making it easier than ever to adhere to a vegan diet. The question we often hear is how is it possible to make baked goods simultaneously vegan and more delicious? We’ll let you in on a few secrets:

1) Freshness: Many traditional baked goods use animal-derived preservatives, such as Sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate, which is derived from tallow (aka animal fat). At Sweet Rain Vegan Bake Shop, we don’t rely on preservatives; our products are baked fresh daily and made to order.

2) Variety: We rely on the quality of our ingredients to make sure our products taste delicious, and plant-based ingredients offer such a variety of flavors, there’s no sense of missing out on anything. Part of the joy of adopting veganism is that you get the opportunity to expand your palate and try so many different new foods.

3) Innovation: Ingredients like butter, cream and eggs, which are found in traditional baked goods, are much easier to replace than you’d think. For every recipe that calls for cow’s milk, there are four or five plant-based substitutes you can use. At Sweet Rain Vegan bake Shop we’ve experimented tirelessly to create recipes that take full advantage of the countless vegan ingredients available.

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