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Treating Yourself To Dessert Doesn't Have To Be Bad For You

You want sweets but you also want them to be healthier for you, right? This blog is about one of the most amazing dessert creations. Healthy desserts that will pamper your taste buds! We can all feel good about indulging in vegan sweet treats. Welcome to a Sweet Rain Vegan Bake Shop for healthier treats that taste soooooo good!

These are some options that are tasty and healthy at the same time.

Ice Cream Cake

What better than a slice of creamy, delicious ice cream cake! The only difference? It's not dairy-based but made from soy or oat milk. Topped with strawberry crunch, caramel sauce, oreo crumbs, or pecans, you’ll surely fulfill your sweet tooth. Surprise your loved ones with a vegan dessert that is delicious and super fun.

Yummy, delectable and great for dessert, snacks, and party treats. This sweet and healthy treat is made for those who want something healthy, sweet, and easy to eat! A cake dipped in chocolate goodness will surely have you and your guests bursting with joy

Satisfy your meat with sweets cravings with our vegan charcuterie boards! This 100% vegan whopping platter is complete with an assortment of dry-cured and vegan meats, artisanal cheeses, fruits, crackers, veggies, dips and spreads, and a mini dessert assortment. This charcuterie comes complete with toasting glasses and sparkling juice so you can start your ultimate party experience right away!

We all deserve to give ourselves a treat every now and then. When you visit Sweet Rain Vegan Bake Shop you’ll discover there is no sacrifice when it comes to making desserts that are vegan!

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