Chocolate Pralines





Mandisa fell in love with the kitchen at an early age. She loved to bake with her grandmother and after years of being her special helper, Mandisa knew that she'd fallen in love and wanted to stay there: making people happy in the kitchen was her  life. 


Mandisa's love for baking has taken her on an amazing career journey. She rose from Baker to a Bakery Trainer, working for the likes of Publix and General Mills.  Even working for a Fortune 500 company, Mandisa wasn't satisfied. Drawing on the strength she learned from watching her grandmother in the kitchen, she said goodbye to the corporate world and hello to her own sweet journey. Vegan or not, Mandisa is on a mission to make your life just a bit sweeter.



Dr. Keshier (Kay) Randolph was diagnosed with severe dyslexia at age 12. That only means the good doctor became an expert in calculating risk, critical  thinking and making hard decision under pressure, early in life. Those skills have served Dr. Kay well personally and professionally. 


Dr. Kay is passionate  about helping people achieve their life's purpose and given our region's sweet crisis, teaming up with Mandisa just made sense. Sweet Rain Vegan BakeShop® is helping motivate people to live a healthier life, with much sweeter options. Dr. Kay is regularly found making customers at Sweet Rain Vegan BakeShop laugh. Her humor and high energy are as much of an attraction as the sweets.

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